:Img2Avi - Convert images (jpg, bmp, png and gif) to avi / video files.

If you would like to convert your VisionGS webcam archive (images) to an AVI file (Video), you may download VisionGS Img2Avi Processor.

This software tool is free (!). It is based on Rob Anderson's AviBuild, I have added support for images with more than 256 colors (I prefer colorful stuff), some other enhancements and it now also supports the following file formats:

I have also added resample, compression and cmd-line features.

The tool is not ment to be a 100% professional application, it was just designed to fit normal needs. Also I have not planned to continue implementing big new features atm, otherwise this software would not be free ;-)

There are no special hardware requirements, but the converting process may use some of your cpu-time.


Comand Line Parameters:

You may use the following command line parameters: -path -width -height -fps -codec -output -quit -show. If you would like to use this feature please note that all seven comand line parameters are neccessary, otherwise an error is thrown.

  1. path: Path to Images, e.g "c:\archive\"
  2. width: Width (Dimension) of Video, e.g. 320
  3. height: Height (Dimension) of Video, e.g. 240
  4. fps: Frames per second, e.g. 15
  5. codec: CodecIndex from the Drowndown-Box (0 = None [No Compression], 1 = e.g. Cinepak Codec by Radius ...), e.g. 0
  6. output: Output Videofile, e.g. "c:\test.avi"
  7. quit: Quit Program when finished (yes / no), e.g. yes
  8. -show: Show Program (yes / now), e.g. no

Example usage: img2avi.exe -path "c:\archive\" -width 320 -height 240 -fps 15 -codec 0 -output "c:\test.avi" -quit yes -show yes


Download Img2Avi v1.27 here (0,34MB).


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